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We present our audio engineering and consciousness courses in the context of time-honored principles with a new perspective, making every lesson relevant and meaningful to the sound issues you are confronted with while learning spiritual principles that can be applied in your everyday life. We use modern language, clear examples, and current technology to enhance the learning experience. Our teaching methods are aimed at facilitating the adult learner in consciousness development and the awakening of the ultimate personal potential.

(2 hour class)
Quickstart can be taken as an introduction to the learn how to begin adjusting the audio files at your New Thought Spiritual Center so that your ministry will have a great impact on your community and the world! It is also a means to propel your own spiritual journey more fully. Come join the FUN!

"Audio Engineering" - when some of us read those words, it seems a large task, complex and challenging. With help from New Thought Leaders around the world who are doing active ministries while having fun using digital communication skills, you will see that there are no limits.

In conjunction with profound spiritual concepts and teachings, along with experiential exercises, tools for your audio masterpieces, as well as everyday miracles, spiritual readings, class dialogue, and experiments in your “personal audio lab,” we will combine this energy and you will create our own personal audio launch pad.

This will lead you to creating wonderful audio works that support Spiritual Seekers around the globe and demonstrating that you are on a life journey without limits.

(eight class course)
You will learn a variety of ways to engineer audio and use your computer more effectively. You will learn how to cast voices for guided meditation productions. You will learn how to record the meditations and then tag the audio files properly. Meditation is one of the most important methods of stress reduction, and therefore, one of the best gifts you can give to yourself and the world. Some recent studies suggest meditation can actually train the mind and reshape the brain into patterns that increase one's experience of joy, peace, and love.


Classes that enhance our Journey.

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(ten week class)
This class explores using music in your audio masterpieces. What kind of music can you use? How do you acquire music that can be legally used in your productions? What are the proper sound levels to use for voice versus music.

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Our classes contain a unique blend of New Thought and Ancient Wisdom. Founded on the philosophies and principles of the greatest teachers of all time, our classes offer a wealth of traditional wisdom that has passed the test of time, yet remains applicable to our modern age. We combine these teachings with cutting edge scientific discoveries that validate the historic wisdom and present amazing insight into spirituality.


Fun New Thought Instruction,

Rev. Jacqui, Dr. Avalon, Rev. Alisha, Doc Spot, Rev. Nakamura and a host of other delightful New Thought Leaders teach you valuable skills to support your center and transform your life.

Peace on Earth, Goodwill to humanityLife is Continuous.
It proceeds from Divine Life, which is Good in all its manifestations.



Learn about our Adult Spiritual Education Classes Life is God's divine Light made manifest. We see the Divine Light of God in You.



Peace on Earth, Goodwill to humanity Wherever you are on your spiritual path, we welcome you.



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