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Serving New Thought gives New Thought Centers a free audio archive with a global outreach

Serving New Thought

A network of ministers around the globe volunteer their time to work on these sites. They are running their own ministries but take their time to support New Thought Seekers and other Sharers to have the resources that ensure the ongoing positive transformation of Global Consciousness.

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Simply go to and take stewardship of an orphan listing. These are listing that have not yet been adopted. This will support a New Thought Community while supporting this program.


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Serving New Thought gives New Thought Centers a free audio archive with a global outreach

New Thought Waves

A continuous stream of quality New Thought Audio

manifests our dreams




A growing archive of wonderful New Thought Audio from around the world

We would be honored to share your personal journey of discovering and enjoying awareness of Truth principles through spiritual enlightenment.

You are a child of God and as a child of God you deserve all GOOD! Our teachings are positive and based on pearls of wisdom found in all religions.



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Peace on Earth, Goodwill to humanityLife is Continuous.
It proceeds from Divine Life, which is Good in all its manifestations.



Learn about our Adult Spiritual Education Classes Life is God's divine Light made manifest. We see the Divine Light of God in You.



Peace on Earth, Goodwill to humanity Wherever you are on your spiritual path, we welcome you.



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