New Thought is a World Wide Movement


Sacred Celebration

In countries blessed with Freedom of Thought where citizens have the ability to pursue whatever spiritual path or philosophy they choose. One will find a variety of spiritual centers and among these are New Thought Centers.

My Friend, will you join me in prayer?

Allow these words to remind you that Infinite Spirit has a blessing for you here in this moment...

We are a network of Compassionate Spiritual Leaders


Serving New Thought We are working together in prayer and action creating a powerful shift in global consciousness through living and celebrating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights around the world.



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Divine Journal

Divine Journal

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Experience daily insights by New Thought greatest writers and the New Generation of New Thought Teachers!

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Divine Journal

• Discover the Divine Tao!

Divine Tao allows you to cross-reference spiritual teachings using the Tao as a convenient matrix.


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Serving New Thought gives New Thought Centers a free audio archive with a global outreach

New Thought Waves

A continuous stream of quality New Thought Audio

brings joy and health

Peace on Earth, Goodwill to humanityLife is Continuous.
It proceeds from Divine Life, which is Good in all its manifestations.



Learn about our Adult Spiritual Education Classes Life is God's divine Light made manifest. We see the Divine Light of God in You.



Peace on Earth, Goodwill to humanity Wherever you are on your spiritual path, we welcome you.




A growing archive of wonderful New Thought Audio from around the world

A Spiritual Community where compassion, transformation and abundant living are as natural as supporting inner harmony
and world peace.


New Thought Library brings classic New Thought Texts to our fingertips for free forever! NewThoughtLibrary is a wonderful public library
of New Thought Texts
available for free online


Divine Journal

Explore the complete Gospels!

Links to Bible Gateways, Gnostic Gospels, Thomas Troward and more to help you with your New Thought Bible Studies!

New Thought Centers

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Universal Foundations For Better Living or other New Thought Center
near you. "Find A Love Based Spiritual Center"
The Universal Directory of New Thought Centers around the World since 1992!

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